Story of The Magnolia Wine Company

3 Generations of Fabers

The story of The Magnolia Wine Company began in Russia, sometime in the late nineteenth century. The details are a bit sketchy, but it is believed that this was where my grandfather, Israel “Izzy” Faberman was born. At some point in his early teens, Israel was sent off to Boston to live with a relative. Early on, Izzy sold fruit out of a pushcart in the original Quincy Market. He worked hard and soon opened a small grocery store.

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How To Find the World’s Best Wine Buys

Everyone likes a bargain, even wine drinkers!

Right now, there’s a glut in the wine market and worldwide wine production is in over-production. For consumers, this means more great wine at a great value! Naturally, this excess includes a lot of average wine, but there is also a ton of terrific wine out there too. And you’ll find a lot of that wine if you come into our store.

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Jay’s Praise for the Grape

Why do we Drink Wine?

Hopefully because it tastes good, right? Why else would we bother?  Think about it for a minute, what other drink, alcoholic or not, delivers quite so much pleasure as a good glass of wine? Most of us love a rich cup of coffee in the morning, and a cold beer on a real hot day. Both are wholly satisfying, but wine goes beyond all that. No other beverage I know of puts it all together quite like wine. What other liquid smells as good, and tastes quite so delicious? Isn’t that what really separates wine from all of the other world’s great beverages? In addition, is there really anything else that complements food quite like a good bottle of wine?

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