Jay’s Praise for the Grape

Why do we Drink Wine?

Hopefully because it tastes good, right? Why else would we bother?  Think about it for a minute, what other drink, alcoholic or not, delivers quite so much pleasure as a good glass of wine? Most of us love a rich cup of coffee in the morning, and a cold beer on a real hot day. Both are wholly satisfying, but wine goes beyond all that. No other beverage I know of puts it all together quite like wine. What other liquid smells as good, and tastes quite so delicious? Isn’t that what really separates wine from all of the other world’s great beverages? In addition, is there really anything else that complements food quite like a good bottle of wine?

My Praise for the Grape

It is easy to go overboard and wax poetic on this subject, but I’ll try to avoid that. I don’t believe in lots of rules regarding wine. However, I will remind wine drinkers that swirling your glass is not a pretentious act, but rather helps release aroma. And, sniffing wine is not snobby, but instead is meant to enhance the tasting experience (makes the wine taste better). All that really matters is this:  does the wine taste good to you or not? I can’t make a wine taste great to you if you don’t care for it. A great review or big score from a wine critic can’t magically transform an awful tasting wine into a mind blowing one. Use your own best judgment. Thumbs up or down. Simple as that.

So What about Super-Expensive Wines?

These wines are generally beyond the reach of most customers, and can be disappointing if you are not careful. Discovering a tasty, inexpensive bottle is something all wine lovers enjoy. Although some folks might like to talk about a fancy bottle and brag about how much it costs. I prefer to drink moderately priced wines that over-deliver in terms of flavor and character.

Wine is a Passion & Pleasure for Me

I’ve been selling wine for over twenty-five years and it’s something I enjoy doing very much. Naturally, I try to pass some of that joy along to my customers. The wine world can be an intimidating and overwhelming place. It is a fascinating field that can be studied and analyzed for a lifetime. There are countless books and magazines devoted to the subject. Regardless of your level of interest, the bottom line is taste and pleasure.

How good was the last wine you tasted? How much enjoyment did you gain from the experience? I’d love to hear about it!

Cheers, Jay


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