“I’ve been doing business with the Faber family for more than 25 years. I enjoy sharing wine as a gift and probably buy over 100 bottles a year from Jay; in all that time he’s never been wrong on a wine recommendation..” – John H. Ebert, Cambridge

Quality Selections at Every Price

At Magnolia Wine Company we promise an impressive selection of quality wines at every price. The inventory of selections is carefully hand picked by owner Jay Faber who tastes nearly every bottle of wine before it reaches our shelves. For Jay, a bargain wine is never a bargain unless it tastes great.

Selecting the most interesting and diverse wines available for your enjoyment is our passion and you should know that we give as much attention to low cost wines that over-deliver as we give to well-known expensive bottles.

Everyday Discounts

Magnolia offers excellent opportunities to capture more wine value. These offers are excellent opportunities to buy in bulk with friends, relatives and business associates. 

  • 20% off Full Cases (12 750 mls. bottles) Sparkling wines and 1.5 liter bottles are excluded.  Cases can be mixed or straight (all one type).
  • 10% off 6 bottles (750mls., 1.5 liter bottles and sparkling wines)
  • 25% off 5 cases of wine or more (750mls.only. sparkling wines and 1.5 liter bottles are excluded).
  • The Sixty Dollar Six Pack Program

You enjoy 6 hand picked wines from Jay valued at $100 or more for only $60. This selection changes periodically to keep things interesting and to take advantage of the great deals on the market that Jay uncovers. WIne selections are hand-picked for their great price to quality ratio and we promise these wine over-deliver in terms of character and flavor. In other words, they taste like much more expensive bottles.  As a bonus, these six wines come packaged in a custom carry bag at no extra charge.

Why do we do this? Because as much as we love wine, we love our customers more.

International Wine Selection

Our goal is to sell wines that not only deliver enjoyment, but also make our customers feel & look good! We go out of our way to unearth the best wine deals available.

There are some incredibly good and inexpensive wines being made all over Spain, Chile and Argentina these days. The South of France (Cotes du Rhone) too. Wine does not have to cost a lot, it just has to taste like it does.

 Finding undiscovered wine gems from unusual places is a passion for, it’s what we do.